Welcome to The Loco Ocho Diary

Welcome to The Loco Ocho Diary

This is the first installment of The Loco Ocho Diary. This is an introduction more than an official entry. The Loco Ocho Diary is a cannabinoid adventure blog that focuses primarily on Delta 8, but we’ll discuss CBD, CBN, CBG, THCV, Delta 10, and D9. What led to this idea for content on Better Than Nine was a combination of boredom and frustration. When I say ‘boredom’, I am in no way suggesting that I don’t have enough to do. But the work that I have recently had to do for my CEO role at Halcyon Essentials has gotten monotonous and hasn’t really allowed for a creative outlet.

Another factor that inspired The Loco Ocho Diary is the FDA’s and FTC’s super strict rules against making medical claims. So instead of trying to tiptoe around making medical claims or playing the semantics game or using vague language, I’m simply not going to write about medical or therapeutic benefits of cannabis and hemp. At this point, anyone who’s found their way to the Better Than Nine blog already knows that the cannabis plant is loaded with benefits. So instead of jeopardizing my credit card processing or risking a $50,000 fine from the FDA, I’m going to have fun!

The Loco Ocho Diary entries are going to be simple and episodic. I’m going to write about things I do, did, or things that happen when I have consumed cannabinoids. Most of these are going to be real, but sometimes I’ll throw in fiction because it can be hilarious. My goal is not to mislead or deceive. My goal is to entertain. So, if something is made up, I’ll let yall know somewhere within in the content. But maybe I do some lame m night shyamalan trash and go through the whole thing and then reveal at the end that it was a dream woooooooo! Some will say it was genius and have to read the post 30 times to find the hints, while others will call it out for what it is – lazy banal garbage. Honestly, I don’t know where the Loco Ocho Diary will take us or how long it will last, but there’s only one way to find out. Just do it.

I’m a legitimate cannabis expert. If you are looking for serious information about hemp and cannabis, I encourage you to check out my other companies, HalcyonOrganics.com or HalcyonEssentials.com or the lots of other information sources online. The info is out there, I just can’t teach it to yall on this website because of rules and society.

I want Better Than Nine to be fun. Better Than Nine has awesome products that speak for themselves. I want to have a section for reviews or testimonials, but those tend to get filled with what are considered ‘medical claims’ and get us in trouble. It’s frustrating that our clients want to help us out by sharing their stories, but can’t because there’s a big bad wolf that’s trying to suppress hemp companies.

Enough of my whining. Let’s have fun!



Daniel Macris

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