THCa Hemp Flowers: The Legal Ins and Outs

High THCa Hemp Flowers

A quick guide to better understanding the coolest thing the 2018 Farm Bill has done (in my opinion)

They’re here!

I’m so excited about the newest Better Than Nine product – THCa Hemp Flowers.

You won’t believe that these are legal once you’ve seen, smelled, and smoked them. I’m going to explain everything you need to know about how to responsibly and safely use these cannabis buds.

What’s the Difference Between Hemp, Cannabis, and Marijuana?

This is legal semantics arbitrarily made by politicians. If my explanation sounds very stupid, it’s because it is. Welcome to politics. I hope you don’t get confused by the stupidity you’re about to read.

  1. Cannabis is the scientific name of the plant. It’s all cannabis. Hemp, Marijuana, Weed, Grass, Trees, Ganja, Pot are all different names for cannabis.
  2. ‘Marijuana’ is the legal name for cannabis that is not grown under a hemp license and/or has more than .3% Delta 9 THC (dry weight). Marijuana is Federally illegal
  3. ‘Hemp’ is the legal name for cannabis that is grown under a hemp license and has less than .3% Delta 9 THC (dry weight). Hemp is Federally legal.

Is everyone following along? It’s ALL cannabis. Hemp is Federally legal and Marijuana is Federally illegal. State laws vary.

How are High THCa Hemp Flowers Legal?

Better Than Nine’s High THCa Hemp Flowers are legal because they qualify as “Industrial Hemp.” They meet the Federal requirements listed above because they 1) are grown under a Federal Hemp license and 2) contain less than .3% Delta 9 THC. They contain a lot of Delta 9 THCa, but that is legally a completely different molecule than Delta 9 THC.

Will I Have Problems with Law Enforcement if I Get Caught with High THCa Hemp Flowers?

Probably, because these look and smell exactly like illegal Marijuana. A police officer will not be able to visually tell the difference. The quick reagent test that police have to test for THC with test positive because these flowers have THC. The crappy roadside tests the police have only test for the presence or lack of presence of THC. They cannot tell if the percentage or the specific isomer. The only way for the police to know that these are legal is for the sample to be sent to their crime lab and tested using liquid chromatography. Gas chromatography will show a false positive because the heating process will convert the THCa to THC and incorrectly assume that the Hemp Flowers are Marijuana. This is very important info for lawyers to know.

What Should I do if Law Enforcement is Hassling Me about my LEGAL Hemp Flowers?

  1. BE POLITE! None of this “I know my rights. My taxes pay your salary. This is legal Hemp! You have no right to harass me!” None of that shit. “Yes, Sir. No, Sir.”
  2. ALWAYS KEEP THE COAs AND PROOF OF INDUSTRIAL HEMP PAPERS WITH THE PRODUCTS. We ship these documents with every order. If you lose them or need an extra copy, they are available on the product page of the flowers you bought.
  3. Calmly and politely explain that this is legal hemp and show the police officer your paper work.
  4. Stay Calm and be prepared for the police officer to confiscate your hemp flowers. Yeah. This sucks, but don’t get yourself into more trouble to save $100 of hemp. You can buy more. It’s far more expensive going to jail and hiring attorneys for losing your cool than it is to buy more hemp. It’s a plant. We’re growing more right now.

Important Things to Remember.

  1. Don’t smoke and drive. Just because this Hemp is legal, that doesn’t mean you can drive around high. Alcohol is legal and you aren’t allowed to drive around drunk. Driving while intoxicated is an asshole thing to do. It puts your life and others at risk for no good reason. Be a smart and decent member of society.
  2. Don’t do stupid things if you have these hemp flowers in your car. Don’t speed. Don’t drive drunk. Don’t be a dick and attract attention to yourself. The best way to avoid problems with police is to not have interactions with the police.
  3. Keep your hemp flowers in smell proof bags and containers. In many states, a cop smelling marijuana is probable cause to search your vehicle. Since hemp and marijuana smell the same, police may take the liberty to use the smell as probable cause and probably cause you a pain in the ass. Again, just because it’s legal doesn’t mean that you should be obnoxious about it. Most people don’t like being taunted. This is especially true for law enforcement people.
  4. Know your state laws. A lot of states have made stricter laws about THCa Hemp Flowers. Ironically, this push has come from the marijuana companies in states with legal marijuana. The licensed marijuana companies are using the same straw man argument about hemp that Big Pharma uses for medical marijuana – “It should be legal, but we should be the only people who are allowed to make all the beautiful money from it!” I’ll write a separate blog about this one day.
  5. Don’t get cute and try to pass illegal marijuana off as hemp by switching COAs to a police officer. If they call your bluff and send the flowers for testing and the labs come back different from the COAs you presented as Hemp, get ready for real problems. Not only are you going to get charged with marijuana possession, but also, obstruction of justice and anything else they can stick to you. Don’t do it. These hemp flowers are so good that you won’t even need illegal weed anyways.
  6. You will show a positive result for THC on a drug test. Do not use this product if you get drug tested for marijuana. YOU WILL FAIL.

***Better Than Nine is not responsible for anyone confiscating this hemp, nor arresting or fining you for having this legal hemp product in your possession because of a misunderstanding of what it actually is.***

In conclusion:

These high THCa Hemp Flowers are legal and awesome. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t come with risks and responsibility. Please be smart and mature with these because if we screw this up and draw a lot of bad attention, they media is going to turn this into the fentanyl epidemic and they’re going to try and ban this. Let’s show everyone that we’re the good guys and they are the bad guys.

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