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Introducing Legal Delta 9 Gummies!

Legal Delta 9 THC Gummies are Here! If you pay attention to my blog posts and Loco Ocho Diary, you noticed that I haven’t written anything in a long time. I had an accident that physically and mentally screwed me up. I was practicing my golf swing by hitting balls into a Maxfli practice net […]


Introducing Full Spectrum Daily Gummies

I love developing new products. Developing new products is awesome for 2 reasons: It keeps Better Than Nine ahead of the legitimate competition. The wannabe companies that buy 3rd party products and slap their brand on it will never catch up because they’re relegated to the products that the white labelers make and those products […]

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New Product Pics

This is a quick and impromptu brain dump. I’m creative in some ways. I develop all of the product formulae, the process on how to perfectly dose each gummy, and the different ratios to create different effects. BUT, I’m not creative with photography and art stuff. That’s why you’ve probably noticed that our packaging and […]

Introducing Delta 10 Hemp Derivative

Delta 10 is finally here! I’ve told a lot of yall that we have delta 10 coming. A lot of yall got samples of the new products during our guinea pig promo. Now, Better Than Nine’s Delta 10 products are ready for market. What is Delta 10? Delta 10 Hemp Derivative, or D10, is a […]

Why is Shaming Cannabis Users Still Acceptable?

Why is ‘Cannabis-user’ Shaming Still Acceptable in No Shaming America? This Loco Ocho Diary Entry is brought to you by a little Better Than Nine Delta 8 and CBD tincture, but mostly a half a blunt of Purple Gelato #33 Flowers from California. I haven’t written a Loco Ocho Diary entry in way to long. […]

A Perfect Day, The Better Than Nine Way

This story was made possible by Better Than Nine’s BlueBerry Yum Yum Vape and 10mg Delta 8 Gummies I had a perfect day, the Better Than Nine way! As I was reviewing Loco Ocho Diary entries, I noticed a theme. They all involve me or someone else taking too much delta 8, getting too high, […]