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Which THC is “The Best”?

I’ve had to poke fun at myself for the shortsightedness my decision to name this company “Better Than Nine” since I started selling Delta 9 products. I decided on “Better Than Nine” because when delta 8 THC hit the scene, no one was familiar with it. Consequently, whenever I would explain to people what it […]


New Info About D8 vs D9 THC

Hi guys, I just read an article from Harvard’s website. This is very cool. Keep in mind that I can’t make medical claims, so I’m going to tip toe around some stuff. I’ll put a link to the article at the end. Does Delta 8 THC have the same medicinal properties as Delta 9 THC? […]

Is All Delta 9 THC Created Equal?

No. Well, yes – If they are created equal. But they aren’t. Here’s what inspired this article: I was delivering an order to one of my favorite customers, The CBD Superstore in Fayetteville, GA – Shout out to Sean and Steve! I gave the store manager a legal, hemp-derived 300mg D9 THC gummy to try. […]


Hi everyone! This is part loco ocho diary, part company update. These legal delta 9 gummies are legit. I have to cut them in half because a whole can make me feel uncomfortable. So, it’s technically not a loco ocho, it’s a nutty nine? I’m gonna have to white board this before I decide on […]

Introducing Legal Delta 9 Gummies!

Legal Delta 9 THC Gummies are Here! If you pay attention to my blog posts and Loco Ocho Diary, you noticed that I haven’t written anything in a long time. I had an accident that physically and mentally screwed me up. I was practicing my golf swing by hitting balls into a Maxfli practice net […]


Introducing Full Spectrum Daily Gummies

I love developing new products. Developing new products is awesome for 2 reasons: It keeps Better Than Nine ahead of the legitimate competition. The wannabe companies that buy 3rd party products and slap their brand on it will never catch up because they’re relegated to the products that the white labelers make and those products […]