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How Does Cannabis Withdrawal Feel? My Personal Experience.

The New Year is traditionally a time of reflection. We evaluate the year that we just finished and make resolutions to be better the upcoming year. The reality is that we should constantly strive for personal improvement, but it's just so much…
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Which THC is “The Best”?

I've had to poke fun at myself for the shortsightedness my decision to name this company "Better Than Nine" since I started selling Delta 9 products. I decided on "Better Than Nine" because when delta 8 THC hit the scene, no one was familiar…
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Introducing Full Spectrum Daily Gummies

I love developing new products. Developing new products is awesome for 2 reasons: It keeps Better Than Nine ahead of the legitimate competition. The wannabe companies that buy 3rd party products and slap their brand on it will never…
20mg Delta 8 + 20mg Delta 10 Gummies 10ct
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New Product Pics

This is a quick and impromptu brain dump. I'm creative in some ways. I develop all of the product formulae, the process on how to perfectly dose each gummy, and the different ratios to create different effects. BUT, I'm not creative with…
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Introducing Delta 10 Hemp Derivative

Delta 10 is finally here! I've told a lot of yall that we have delta 10 coming. A lot of yall got samples of the new products during our guinea pig promo. Now, Better Than Nine's Delta 10 products are ready for market. What is Delta 10? Delta…