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Better Than Nine Loco Ocho Diary

Why is Shaming Cannabis Users Still Acceptable?

Why is 'Cannabis-user' Shaming Still Acceptable in No Shaming America? This Loco Ocho Diary Entry is brought to you by a little Better Than Nine Delta 8 and CBD tincture, but mostly a half a blunt of Purple Gelato #33 Flowers from California. I…
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If CBD Left You Disappointed, Delta 8 is Probably What You Needed

If You used CBD thinking that you 'feel' something and were disappointed, then you probably wanted Delta 8. By now, everyone that has a computer, cell phone, or friends has heard of Cannabidiol, or CBD. I would guess that regardless of your…
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The Difference Between CBD and Delta 8

What's the difference between CBD and Delta 8? The short answer for the purpose of this article is that CBD does not have psychoactive effects and Delta 8 does have psychoactive effects. This question is patronizing for experienced cannabis…
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Why Better Than Nine?

I'll start by apologizing that this post isn't going to have any pictures or a clear point. I just wanted to write some streaming consciousness stuff about why I think Delta 8 is Better Than Nine. I know it's cheesy and that's literally what…