If CBD Left You Disappointed, Delta 8 is Probably What You Needed

If You used CBD thinking that you ‘feel’ something and were disappointed, then you probably wanted Delta 8.

By now, everyone that has a computer, cell phone, or friends has heard of Cannabidiol, or CBD. I would guess that regardless of your knowledge level, you’ve heard at least one of the following things about CBD:

  • It’s legal weed.
  • CBD non-toxic and non-psychoactive.
  • It is a miracle drug that cures everything.
  • It doesn’t do anything.
  • CBD is untested and unregulated.

As you probably noticed, some of these statements about CBD directly conflict with one another, so they all can’t be true. However, the purpose of this article is not to discuss what CBD does or doesn’t do or is or isn’t. The purpose of the above exercise was to demonstrate how CBD is marketed a lot of different ways, and it always isn’t marketed honestly.

When a product, in this instance CBD, is marketed using deceptive or inaccurate information, customers are not going to have realistic expectations of the product and probably end up being disappointed. Imagine if someone was marketing vitamin C pills as a OTC substitute for Xanax. Anyone who bought and took the vitamin C expecting to get the same effects as Xanax are going to be completely disappointed, probably mad, and never going to buy that product again. Unfortunately, this has happened to CBD.

I’ve been in the cannabis/hemp/CBD/THC industry for over 20 years. This means that I’ve been in the “CBD industry” since it’s inception. I remember when a kilogram of CBD isolate was $250,000. Now, a kilo of CBD is about $600. That is not a typo. In 2013, IF you could find a kilo of CBD, be prepared to wire $250,000 to some guy in Europe whose email signature was “Donny Denmark” and have have had a picture of himself wearing a Speedo in Ibiza. So, back to the point…

As a CBD industry veteran, two of the worst claims that I saw unscrupulous advertisers do with CBD were 1) it was a ‘legal weed substitute’ or 2) is was a cure for EVERYTHING. How these false, unrealistic expectations of CBD created disappointed consumers is probably immediately apparent to many of yall.

For instance, you’re in a gas station waiting in line to pay. While waiting, you’re looking in that case that has all the ‘crazy’ stuff that you don’t know what it is or does, but it looks like stuff you wouldn’t want your kid buying – Dong Fu Kratom, Gorilla Boner Pills, Liquid Crack, etc. (I randomly made those names up BTW). Then you see a shiny, black foil package with a big marijuana leaf on the front that says things like, “Just Chill!”, “Legal Weed”, “XXXTRA Strength”, “Caution: This product is stronger than Marijuana”, or “1000mg Super Powered Nano CBD!” You see that and think to yourself, “Whoa, I know that they’ve been making cannabis legal all over the country. Is this like medical cannabis or something? I’m going to see what the hype is about.” and you buy one. By the way, many of the products are super expensive for what you get – like $20 for one dose.

So, you buy the CBD product that was derived from cannabis (hemp), eat it, and expect to go back to college for the next few hours, but nothing happens. You don’t feel anything. There may be that moment where you’re like, “Oh! I think I feel something!”, but then after 5 minutes you’re like, “No. That was placebo effect.” The next day when you see that fancy empty wrapper promising you ‘legal weed’, you roll your eyes and throw it away, mad that you wasted $20 on trash. After this experience, there’s a great chance that you’re not going to buy more CBD and you will probably tell people that CBD is a waste of money. This is a justified and natural reaction to getting swindled.

If you, or someone you know, fits into the category of “CBD person” mentioned above, then you need to consider trying Delta 8. If you read any of my other blogs in BetterThanNine.com, then you know that I can’t and don’t make medical claims or anything that even smells like one, so I’m going to tread lightly on the claims I make about Delta 8.

A claim I will make about Delta 8 is that it is the closest thing to a ‘legal cannabis substitute.’ In fact, if you gave one of our Better Than Nine 40mg D8 gummies to a friend and said that you brought it home from Colorado, there’s a very good chance that your friend won’t know the difference between the D8 and D9 (which is what the Colorado gummy would have).

In conclusion, if you tried CBD because it was a legal weed substitute and were disappointed in the results, I strongly recommend that you give D8 a try. Obviously, I hope that you try one of Better Than Nine’s consistent, reliable, and great tasting products, but please try any reputable Delta 8 product.

I hope that everyone learned something from this blog post because learning is good for you!



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