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Which THC is “The Best”?

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I’ve had to poke fun at myself for the shortsightedness my decision to name this company “Better Than Nine” since I started selling Delta 9 products. I decided on “Better Than Nine” because when delta 8 THC hit the scene, no one was familiar with it. Consequently, whenever I would explain to people what it was, I found myself ending the explanation with “I think it’s better than nine.”

The 2 reasons I had concluded that Delta 8 THC was better than Delta 9 THC were 1) I personally like the more controlled and connected psychoactive effects of D8 and 2) D8 was legal to sell and possess in any concentration. I thought is was a cute and appropriate name for the company until I started selling Delta 9 products and had to figure out how to take my feet out of my mouth. Enough of the small talk. This article is long overdue and I think will be a good read for anyone who’s wondered…

Which THC is the best?

The one that’s in your hand right now, right? Just kidding.

This is a great question, that unfortunately doesn’t have a straight answer.

THC is a drug. That means that it has a physiological effect when consumed. The 3 THCs that we’ll discuss today are Delta 8, Delta 9, and Delta 10. There are some new novel THCs (THC0, THCP, HHC) but I don’t recommend those for human consumption yet because they’re too new and untested.

D8, D9, and D10 are molecularly very similar. The difference is which carbon has a double bond. This causes them to have similar, yet slightly different effects.

When I’m asked, “Which THC is the best?”, there are 2 things that determine the answer:

  1. What is your desired goal or effect?
  2. What are your Personal preference and genetics?

The first question is easy and is asking, “Are you trying to fix pain or something? Are you going to be taking this while your at work or driving or safe at home chilling?”

The second question is a little tougher because most people don’t really know how they respond to these THCs until they have tried them. There are some rules of thumb that can help me make recommendations, but there’s know way of knowing your tolerance without trying it. THC isn’t like alcohol where body mass is a fairly accurate indicator of tolerance. A huge person can have a tiny tolerance and vice versa. That’s why I always recommend starting with 5-10mg and waiting 1.5 hours to see what’s up before you start taking more your first time.

I like to think of the different THCs like cars.

Let’s take 3 cars that each cost $60k – a big truck, a 2-door sports car, and a luxury sedan.

Which one is the best?

  1. It depends what you’re using it for and
  2. Which one you like the most.

THC is EXACTLY like this.

You wouldn’t use the same THC to go to sleep as you would use before going to Six Flags.

The tricky part is knowing which one is which for you because it isn’t the same for everyone. It’s also very dose dependent. For instance, 5mg of D9 may give you a burst of energy, while 20mg puts you into a dead sleep.

I’ll be honest and say I don’t really know what dictates this. I know it’s our genetics, but there are other factors like what mood your in, how much have you eaten, and even menstrual cycles (where applicable). One of my friends said one of the DNA kits like 23 and Me say if your genetically prone to THC induced psychosis. I think that’s cool.

How THC affects everyone differently has to do with CYP450 system, but that is so complicated, I’m not even gonna try.

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