Why Better Than Nine?

I’ll start by apologizing that this post isn’t going to have any pictures or a clear point. I just wanted to write some streaming consciousness stuff about why I think Delta 8 is Better Than Nine. I know it’s cheesy and that’s literally what made me think of the brand name. I had been toiling for months on thinking of a good name for a Delta 8 product company. It was hard mostly because I didn’t have much experience with delta 8. I bought a 100 grams of D8 distillate and started making products. I used the same equipment, processes, and recipes as I do for CBD and Delta 9 THC products. I even dabbed it. I gave samples to friends to try. I kept getting the same feedback, “This D8 definitely does something. I’m not sure how to describe it. But I like it. It’s good.”

That’s what the stoners told me. The feedback from the “I don’t use cannabis because it makes me paranoid” crowd came back saying, “This is awesome. I like it better than real weed.”

I fell into the second group. It’s one thing to be stoned in college when you don’t have any real responsibilities. You can “check out” for a few hours and nothing is going to happen. However, as an adult, you have to be ready to spring into action at any moment. This means that being incapacitated for 6 hours is not conducive to personal or professional success. It’s also pretty unpleasant to eat too much edible and spend the next 3 hours worrying that everyone is staring at you or having to remind yourself to breath.

As I continued to try different delta 8 doses and consumption methods, I was thinking of a cool brand name for D8 products. I went through the usual cliche stuff like “DELTA 8 FORCE” or “Delta Force 8.” Then, I wandering into the edgy, in-your-face stuff like “Legal THC Products.com.” I briefly tried some fanciful and capricious names like “Blossom” or “Stratate” and some other dumb stuff that I didn’t like.

Regardless of how many awful names I thought of, I kept finding myself saying, “I wish I could think of a name for this stuff because it is great. I swear I think it’s better than nine.” Everytime someone asked me “what’s Delta 8 like?” I’d respond the same way – “it’s good. I really like it. It relaxes me, but not in a lazy way. I get my work done efficiently. I sleep good at night. I like it better than nine.”

So on a random Wednesday morning, I was talking to my wife and said, “I gotta think of a name that accurately describes Delta 8.” She asked me how would you describe it? I said, “I don’t know, but it’s better than nine.” As I finished the sentence that cartoon lightbulb above my head turned on. I said, “Better Than Nine.” That’s the name. It’s easy. It’s to the point. It says everything that I want to say about delta 8.

I know that there will be at least a million delta 9ers that will call this blasphemy, but I suspect that there are a lot more people who are gonna dig these delta 8 products. It’s very similar to Delta 9 THC, but doesn’t cause many of the negatives associated with delta 9. But it is not foolproof. If you take too much, you’re gonna have some significant side effects so don’t be a dipshit and ignore the warning labels and dosing instructions. This is not toy.

Another VERY IMPORTANT NOTE about delta 8. I need to be crystal clear that all of these products are made using legal, cbd delta 8 hemp derivative. All of these products contain less than .3% delta-9 THC.



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