How I Learned that 100mg of Delta 8 Was Too Much For Me

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This Loco Ocho Diary Entry is brought to you by Better Than Nine’s 40mg D8 Gummies.

I think 100mg of Delta 8 is too much for me.

Actually, I’m certain of it.

As I was developing the Better Than Nine products, I had to determine what strengths to make stuff. Everything I had read about Delta 8 was like, “It’s mildly psychoactive with effects much less than delta 9 THC.” Well, that made me think 2 things. 1) I need to make them extra strong because I want them to hit like a delta 9 and 2) How strong is too strong because I don’t want people to have trouble.

I knew that I was going to have a ‘weak’ product for people with low tolerances and people that wanted something they could take during work and perform better. I also knew I was gonna have a tincture with adjustable dosing. I knew I was also going to have a ‘head buster’, I just didn’t know how strong I could responsibly make it.

I love the metric system, so I decided that 100mg delta 8 was a good place to start. So, I isolated 100mg of delta 8 into an ethanol solution and drank it. Now, all I have to do is go about my day and evaluate the effects of the delta 8. Easy. As. Pie.

The first 30-45 minutes were totally normal. Then 45 min – 1.5 hours, I was like, “Oh Yeah. I definitely feel this. This is solid! People are gonna dig this D8!.”

It has been about an hour and a half since I consumed my 100mg D8 test dose and I was really feeling. For yall that have had a bad experience with an edible, you know what I’m talking about. That tightness in your chest and your sitting there thinking, “somethings not right. What is going on?” and then you take this giant breath of air and was like,”Did I forget to breath? Oh shit! Am I going to die if I forget to breath. Why am I so thirsty! Why do I have to take off my shoe’s at the airport – That place is filthy!” Yeah. That’s where I was.

I had lost considerable coordination in my motor skills and felt all wobbly and vibratey. I had to go lie down on the couch and take a minute.

Disclaimer: I have no recollection of the next 2 hours. But, 2 hours later…

I woke up on the couch taking a huge breath. I still had on my shoes. The Braves game was on. There was an empty bag of Tostitos and Salsa on the table and my stomach was so big it hurt. I was kinda like, “What the F happened. It’s been like 2 hours I can’t account for. Man, my lower abdomen hurts. What’s wrong. Did you drink that entire 64oz bottle of purple powerade? I think have to pee so bad.” That’s all it was. I had drank like 3/4 of a gallon of liquid in less than 2 hours and forgot to pee.

I was so full of purple powerade that I had to do this awkward waddle walk to the bathroom because it hurt when it sloshed and pressed up against my internal organs. I love purple powerade when I get cottonmouth.

After I took and shower and cleared my head, I needed to evaluate whether or not 100mg D8 gummy should be something I make. I went to my desk and started to take notes. That’s when I realized that I needed my phone and wanted to change the TV channel. The problem was was I couldn’t find my phone or the TV remote.

I looked everywhere. I checked all the bathrooms, counters, tables, under the couch and in the cushions. I even checked in my car. I literally had no recollection of where they could be. I wondered if someone broke into my house and stole them while I was passed out on the couch. But I live in Alpharetta and all the doors were locked. And who would steal a TV remote? That would be the strangest thief ever.

After spending an hour tearing my house apart, I sat down, perplexed. I got thirsty and went to get a bottle of water and guess where my phone and TV remote were? Yeah. In the fridge.

I assume that I was loading up on snacks and my hands were full, so I put that stuff down in the fridge to have snacks. I don’t know why I went to the fridge carrying the remote and my phone or why I didn’t use my pockets. I had never put the wrong thing in the fridge before, so it wasn’t a Will Ferrell sleep walking in Stepbrothers issue.

This is when I determined that 100 mg of Delta 8 was too much for Daniel.

I was gonna do 50mg, but I settled for 40mg because the 50mg experiences were kinda dangerous. These products get sold in stores and no one would ever expect that 1 gummy that they legally bought from a headshop would do this to them.

Like what would’ve happened if I took that 100mg and starting driving to the beach and that shit kicked in just south of Macon on 75? Bro…I couldn’t died. At the very least, things would have gotten extremely weird from the time I determined that I couldn’t drive and the next 2 hours I didn’t remember. It’s scary to even think that that could happen.

I guess the moral of the story here is know your dosing. If you’ve never used Delta 8 edibles, start with 10 mg, wait a few hours, and see what happens. If you’re ‘cool’ and know your mg for delta 9, treat delta 8 the same or do about 20% more. So if you like 20mg delta 9, take 25mg delta 8.

Remember, you can always eat more. You can’t uneat it if you start tripping.


By: Daniel Macris

Cannabis expert and CEO of Better Than Nine and Halcyon Essentials

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