How Long Have You Waited for a Stop Sign to Turn Green?

This capricious Loco Ocho Diary entry is brought to you by Better Than Nine Purple Gelato Delta 8 Vape.

I think I waited for a Stop sign to turn green so I could go for about 5 minutes the other night.

If you saw my story about the tree falling on my house, you’ll understand the context of this better, but it isn’t necessary reading. The tree guys came with all this cool equipment the day after the tree fell on my house and got rid of the tree. It was amazing to watch how quickly those machines turned a really big tree into mulch. However, after they finished, my roof has two big holes in it that I needed to cover until the insurance company sent roofers over to replace the roof.

I have a big tarp that I was going to use to cover the holes during this time. I hate the idea of having a tarp on my roof, but I have to be patient. The pitch of the roof isn’t that bad, so I felt comfortable going up there and securing the tarp. I cut some pieces of wood that I was going to use to nail into the roof to hold down the tarp from wind and storms.

Once I had all my materials and plan ready, I went up on the roof with everything. It was about 5pm in the afternoon and about 90 degrees. I think it was a lot hotter on the black shingled roof in the blazing sun. I was sweating so much as I was up there nailing these pieces of wood into the roof. While it did suck, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was afraid it would be. I think having a plan made the process go pretty smoothly and I was done in less than 15 minutes. However, that was an exhausting 15 minutes. I’m not conditioned to do that type of work, so it took a lot out of me.

When I finished, I drank a bunch of water and took a shower.

Later that night, I wanted to get a White Claw from the QT down the street from my house. I had been puffing on a Purple Gelato Delta 8 vape since finishing work and my roofing project. I didn’t feel that impaired, and the QT is only about a half mile away, so I hopped in the truck to go.

I don’t have to get on any ‘real’ roads to get to the Quick Trip. I just drive through my neighborhood and have to cross one stop sign that connects to the QT parking lot. It’s super easy.

I got to that stop sign and stopped. And waited. And waited. And waited some more. After a few minutes, I got frustrated and thought to myself, “This must be one of those lights without a sensor and it doesn’t know I’m waiting for it change or something.” I decided I had waited long enough without seeing any traffic, so I was just gonna go when the coast was clear.

It was right about then when clarity hit me and I realized that I was at a stop sign and it was never going to turn green. I kinda chuckled at what an idiot I could be, went to the QT, and finished this mission to get my White Claw.

I was a little embarrassed and disappointed that I had driven while I was a little bit off. It made me realize that Delta 8 needs to be treated with respect and just because it is legal, does not make it a toy. I’ve had this happen with delta 9 way back in the day, but hadn’t thought about it until it happened again.

How many of yall have a silly story about some bonehead thing you did while using THC?

By: Daniel Macris

Cannabis Expert and CEo of Better Than Nine.

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