20mg Delta 8 + 20mg Delta 10 Gummies 10ct

This is a quick and impromptu brain dump.

I’m creative in some ways. I develop all of the product formulae, the process on how to perfectly dose each gummy, and the different ratios to create different effects.

BUT, I’m not creative with photography and art stuff. That’s why you’ve probably noticed that our packaging and product pics seem ‘meh.’ For those of yall that use our products, you know that the taste, quality, and consistency is unparalleled. But, I know that our packaging is the ‘sexiest’ and the product pics are stunning. I’m good at making fire product, but horrible at pictures and photo editing.

Also, those silver bags look cool, but they are mother effers when you try to take a picture of them. They reflect everything. I took a picture of one while I wasn’t wearing a shirt and someone called me out. He said, “It looks like casual Friday in the office…” because there was a fun-house mirror reflection of my nipples on the package. He was right because the bright orange golf shirt I was wearing casted this a blinding orange light so I took off my shirt because I thought I would blend in better. It was an obvious miscalculation.


So, I could probably look for one of those food photographers to take #foodporn style product pics, but I’m kinda torn because I don’t want to make the gummies look enticing to kids. One of the big problems our industry faces is ‘appealing to kids.’ I don’t want us to be like Big Tobacco and make the products look delicious. Our gummies are delicious, but it isn’t about taste. We’re not making and selling gummies, we’re making and selling the chemicals in the gummy.

I found a young graphic artist, sent her pics of our product bags and told her to do something informative, honest, and funny. That’s what she did. I like how the products are like coming down from Mount Olympus from Zeus or something. Man, I love the D8/D10 Mixes!


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